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Who is FYX?

This site has been compiled in order to give you a precise idea of what FYX can offer your company. With about 20 years’ experience FYX is one of the leading companies in the field of shoring and shuttering. Knowledge, quality, service, and security are the pillars of our corporate philosophy.


Thanks to a professional and expert team FYX has the necessary means to perform any assignment it is entrusted with. Our engineers permanently improve their technical know-how in order to come up with inventive, solid and tailored solutions. Drawing up a profound preliminary study, creating an appropriate concept for the project, the reactivity we show in answering the urgent needs of our clients, and our flexibility when executing works: those are the strengths that make FYX your ideal partner.


Our dynamic working method is a supplementary strength. At FYX, we perform tailored works. First we study the on-site conditions in order to determine the most efficient method for setting up the shoring. After having drawn up the calculation note and having analysed the external parameters (wind, forces, …) we send a plan and a cost estimate to the client.

Once the latter is approved, the works can almost immediately start. Building contractors, demolition firms, architects, engineering agencies, promoters, public and private institutions, they all may contact us for all kinds of works in the shoring and shuttering field.


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