Common walls

Metallic sections

Metallic sections are heavy sections in metal that are tied to the façade both at the front and at the back and, if possible, also to a common wall or an intermediate façade.

These sections are used when the adjoining buildings are covered with wooden framework or when the common wall is not strong enough.


Pins and roof anchors

A pin is a threaded rod that is chemically tied to the concrete structure of the adjoining building. A short one-meter long beam is placed at the visible end of this pin in order to absorb and evenly distribute all forces. Roof anchors are designed to tie the gable to the existing roof structure of the adjoining building. Pins are used when the common walls are strong enough and it is possible to sufficiently tie the gable to the concrete structure of the adjoining building.


Three-point shores (tripod structures)

This shoring system is perfect for absorbing forces of 10, 15 and 40 tons. A three-point shore is a three-dimensional framework structure that can be placed either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. This system is used to avoid the warping of buildings, to absorb both earth and vertical pressure and to allow corner joints.

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